Member Tuition Explained


At PSS we are blessed to receive financial support from the Westminster SDA Church. The members generously give of time, talent and money to make it possible to keep our school open. It is also that generosity that allows us to keep all tuition rates low.

Members of Westminster SDA Church who send their children to PSS share in the commitment of the church to provide a monthly budget to help meet the school's needs. That is why the member tuition rate is reduced.


Member Defined(For the purposes of determining a parent/guardian's tuition rate only)


The PSS school board defines a local church member as present, active and supportive.

Present-regularly attends church services and other services/events scheduled by the church.

Active-takes part or leads in church and church sponsored ministries.

Supportive-helpful and encouraging to the church, its members, ministries and the mission of PSS.  Being financially supportive of the SDA church by paying of tithe and to the local church by giving of offerings.

Members must also be listed in the Westminster SDA Church Membership