Our Objectives

Poplar Springs School (PPS) is dedicated to the preparation of young people for unselfish service to God and to their fellowmen. The ultimate goal of the education provided here is to restore in man the image of his Maker that the divine purpose of his creation might be realized. It is understood that this is an education that cannot be completed in this life but must be continued in the life to come.


More specifically, it is the purpose of this school to:


  1. Lead children to be thinkers and doers.                                                                
  2. Lead students to a knowledge of God.                                                                
  3. Teach students to be honest.                                                                            
  4. Train students to be courteous and obedient.
  5. Assist in the formation of a noble Christian character.
  6. Teach children to be discriminate in the use of leisure time and the choice of entertainment.
  7. Stimulate each student to his/her highest scholastic potential.
  8. Develop sound mental and physical health.
  9. Develop habits of accuracy, responsibility, and resourcefulness in thinking and doing.


To download the full list of policies please  Click Here.



General School Regulations

Attendance Policy



Class begins promptly at 8:00 AM. Students are expected to be seated by this time and those arriving after this time are counted tardy.

School Hours:       8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday-Thursday.

                                    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Friday 

All students should leave by 3:30 PM.                                         



To best represent our Christian values, students are asked to dress in a manner that is modest to self and not offensive to others. The appearance of each student’s clothing, accessories or hair should be in accordance with Christian principles.

  1. Modest pants, slacks, leggings, or jeans should be in good repair. Modest shorts may be worn but must be fingertip length.
  2. Modest and decent shirts or blouses with sleeves, and T-shirts may be worn. Sleeveless tops are acceptable if straps are 3 adult finger-width wide.  No spaghetti straps!
  3. Clothing with questionable logos or pictures should not be worn and should not be see through.
  4. Cosmetics that create an artificial appearance or attract attention to the wearer should not be worn.
  5. Jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces or earrings should not be worn.
  6. Hair should be neat, no mod, or punk styles including unnatural hair color.

Safety Code and School Rules


  1. No bicycles shall be ridden at any time on the playground. Skateboards are not permitted at any time.
  2. Students shall refrain from rough-housing activities such as wrestling, slapping, boxing, etc. even if only in fun. We maintain a no physical contact policy unless required for school activity or program. This behavior is subject to disciplinary action.
  3. No stones, sticks, or other potentially dangerous objects will be thrown at any time on the school grounds.
  4. Students should not bring knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, or matches to school.
  5. Shoes are to be always worn

•   closed toe shoes must be worn outdoors per insurance policy requirements •    tennis shoes with Velcro closure or laces are required during gym use.

  1. Students must stay in the area designated by the teacher.
  2. No student may leave the school grounds during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or individual listed in child’s file as “Pick-Up” person and then only with the teacher’s knowledge. Parent/guardian may list, in writing, thus granting permission, individuals who may pick up child in the parent/guardian’s absence. Permission requests may be updated as needed throughout the school year.
  3. Parents must provide booster seats for school transportation for those children who are less than 4’9” tall.
  4. Leaning back in chairs and putting feet on desks, etc. are prohibited for safety reasons.
  5. Bad language, suggestive language or play is not acceptable and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Student discussion regarding non-school activities that do not align with SDA fundamental beliefs are off limits.
  7. No intentional deface ng or vandalism of school or church property will be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action.

Electronic devices (or anything with an on-off button) that are brought on school premises may not be used without teacher’s permission.



        Proper diet, regular meals, physical exercise, plenty of sleep, and strict cleanliness will do much for a pupil’s mental alertness and capacity. Wholesome, nourishing lunches of sufficient quantity are essential. Such lunches prepared at home are far superior to the candies, pastries, soda pop, and less desirable “foods.”

        Only vegetarian and biblically clean meat will be permitted in the school lunch (Lev. 11). Caffeinated drinks should be excluded from the lunch; we also suggest you limit sugar content to one item per lunch. Please provide everything needed for your child’s meal. We do not allow sharing of lunches due to potential health concerns, i.e., allergies, diabetes.





        A prime objective of the school is to teach discrimination in the choice of reading. Literature that ennobles, uplifts, refines, and builds character is preferred rather than the frivolous, exciting tales of inferior story books, magazines, and TV. We have a school library available for reading materials thus, if your child wants to bring outside reading, they are to present reading material for teacher approval.




        Students shall respect the Bible as the inspired word of God.  It is also acceptable if your child wishes to bring his/her own.


Inclement Weather


In the event of inclement weather, families should check the media (radio and television) for Oconee County school closings. Should public schools close, Poplar Springs Seventh-day Adventist School will close as well for a minimum of one day. On the evening of the first day a representative of the school will call to assess conditions in your specific area then a decision will be made when Poplar Springs Seventh-day Adventist School will reconvene; you will be notified via ClassDoJo. Obviously, this will be on a storm-by-storm basis. Should you have any questions, please contact the principal/teacher.